It is a secure way to share and access files on your computer
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DriveShare is a file sharing system which was designed as an alternative to Windows’ limitations of having access just to files located on computers connected to a local network. Thanks to this program, you can provide access to remote files, regardless of the type of connection you are using.

This utility has an intuitive, easy to handle interface that can display both in an advanced and simple mode, the later one containing the most frequently used icons for a quick launch. The sharing process is not complicated, although it must be preceded by some settings, such as creating 'Share', and then selecting 'Users' to whom you give permission to that 'Share'. Once the settings are done, the transfer speed of files is related just to the quality of your Internet connection. But it is still much easier than to remember advanced settings when configuring NAT routers or firewalls, quite a complicated task if you lack technical, specialized knowledge.

You must not be concerned about the security of information, because the program comes with an encrypted server-to-server connection. This utility comes with three available editions: a Community edition – mainly for testing, a Personal Edition – for home users in particular, and a Professional Edition – suitable for small companies.

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  • It has an intuitive interface.
  • It is an easy to use, fast and secure app


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